We all deserve a healthy and long life. If you feel that something about yourself is not quite as it should be, but you can’t put your finger on it, you are not alone.

Ayurveda consists 2 words. Life (ayur) and Knowledge (veda), which means “Knowledge of Life”. It is an ancient source of knowledge that focuses on life, not disease, and defines the well-being of the individual in detail. Its focus is health and the problems we experience when we move away from this well-being (gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, fatigue, sleep problems, distraction, some sensitivities, mind fog…etc.) before they progress and offers life style suggestions that will bring us back into balance.

The same problems can be caused by very different reasons in different bodies. For this reason, Ayurveda is a holistic life knowledge that focuses on the individual, evaluates him/her together with all parts of his/her life, and considers that many factors affect our well-being, from our cuisine to our exercise and even our relationships.

If you are interested to work on yourself with guidance of an Ayurvedic perspective, let’s meet!

After you contact me, I send you a detailed form for you to fill out. When you fill it out in a calm environment and send it back to me by e-mail, we make an appointment for our first meeting.

Our first appointment takes about 1.5 hours. We look at your life through the Ayurvedic lens and make detailed evaluations about your body and mind. I need about a week to evaluate all the information I have received from your form and from you during our meeting and to prepare the most suitable suggestions for you.

In our second appointment, 1-hour, we discuss in detail the life style guidelines specifically designed for you.

Our appointments are via Zoom. I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your journey with an intention to improve your well-being.

You may reach me via the form below.

With love,

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